Barry Pattern & Foundry

Cast Abrasive Structural Treads

Short Form Specifications

Treads will be Barrycraft Alumatread or Feratread style as manufactured by Barry Pattern & Foundry Co., Birmingham, AL. Tread surface will have silicon carbide abrasive, a minimum of 2-1/4 ounces per square foot to a minimum depth of 1/32 of an inch. All castings will be of uniform quality, free from blowholes, shrinkage defects, swells, cracks or other defects. Treads will be true to pattern. Casting material will be free of fins, burrs and slag. Cast iron will have one coat of black paint. Aluminum will have a natural sand cast finish.

Widths available: Width for structural treads are made to order. Minimum width is 4". The width should not exceed 12" to maintain structural strength.

Standard surface: Cross-hatched abrasive.

Available surface: Fluted - must be specified. Truss ribs may be furnished for additional support. Nuts and bolts for attachment by others.

Maximum length: 5'6".

Cast Iron B-6

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Standard Spacing For Holes And End Lugs

Table B: Structural Tread Thickness Style B-5: Bolted Shelf Angles And Riser Plates
Span To 3'0" To 4'0" To 5'6"
Feratread Abrasive Cast Iron 7/16" 1/2" 5/8"
Alumatread Abrasive Cast Aluminum

Cast Iron B-7 Cast Iron B-17A

Treads For Attachment To Shelf Angles, Ends Drilled & Countersunk For Bolting
Style B-4 Style B-4 can also be used on steel pan stairs.
Style B-5A Style B-5A for use as structural treads or landings.
Style B-5 Style B-5 nose and toeplate can be drilled for bolting to riser plates.
Style B-6A
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Style B-6A double nose treads for open risers (reversible).

Style B-7A

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Style B-7A may be used with open or closed risers.
Style B-17 Style B-17 double nose tread for open risers (reversible).

Treads With Cast-On End Lugs For Direct Attachment To Stringers

Style B-6

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Style B-6 double nose tread (reversible). For nose detail, see style B-6A above.
Style B-17A
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Style B-17A double nosetread (reversible). For nose detail, see style B-17 above.
Style B-7 Style B-7 for use with open riser. For nose detail, see style B-7A above.
Style B-17S Style B-17S double nose tread with drainage slots (reversible). For nose detail, see Style B-17 above.